How to Cancel Cash App Transaction: Completed, Pending Payments

Logan Smith, who works in a reputed call center in North Carolina, uses Cash App to send and receive money to and from his contacts. After using Cash App for more than one year, he has to say that Cash App is user-friendly and safe to manage & store money online. But, on one fine day, things just got off track when he realized that he sent money to the wrong person. At this, the first question that pops up in his mind was- how to cancel a Cash App transaction that has completed?

Logan's is not the first and last person who made such a mistake. A large number of people make accidental payments while sending and spending money online. But, Cash App users are in luck as they can dispute a Cash App payment and get a refund. The best thing that Logan Smith had done was getting in touch with us before it was too late. As a result, we were able to help him to get a Cash App refund.

Is there a way to cancel a Cash App transaction? You might have this question in your mind. While some other cash app users would like to know whether they can reverse a Cash App transaction or not. To help you understand how to cancel a Cash App transaction and dispute a Cash App payment, I am going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. So, let's move on with the first question:

Can I cancel a completed Cash App payment?

Sorry to say but the truth is, you can't cancel a completed Cash App payment. Why? Because Square Cash App processes the payment immediately. Once you press the send money button, no matter if the recipient you have selected is correct or incorrect, the money transfer is done in just a matter of seconds. And once the payment is done, you will not find any option or button to cancel the completed transaction on Cash App.

Actually, what you need to understand is the fact that this happens with all payment systems. To be more clear, other payment apps such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and even the online banks don't allow the users to cancel or reverse any payment that has gone successful.

However, a piece of good news is that the Cash App users can cancel the payments as long as they are in progress. But, to do so, you have to act fast because payments on Cash App might get successful at any time. So, let's get over it in detail.

How to cancel a Cash App transaction that's pending?

There have been many instances when Cash App transfers either did not go through successfully immediately or just failed. Why, sometimes, Cash App transfers fail or take more time is a different matter of discussion. I already have described it in great detail, for more information about Cash App problems, you can read the previous post. But, as far as, the matter of the Cash App transaction cancellation process is concerned, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log in to Square Cash App on your phone.
  • Press the activity tab (watched shaped icon).
  • Scroll down to find the past transactions that you have made recently.
  • Select the payment that you want to cancel.
  • Now check the status of the payment, if it is pending then you can cancel it.
  • If you are getting a "Cancel" button, you can cancel the payment.
  • Upon successful cancellation of Cash App payment, the money will not deduct from your linked bank account.
  • But, if you are not getting the cancelation tab, it means you can't cancel the payment.

As you have canceled your pending payment on Cash App, now let's move a step ahead and know - What happens when you cancel a transaction on Cash App? Here is the reality. If your transaction status is pending then the chances are high that the amount might not have deducted from your account. And in case, if by any matter of chance if the amount has been deducted from your account then the money will automatically be reversed.

How to delete a Cash App transaction?

I don't know why so many people want to know- how to erase a payment on Cash App? Anyway, whatever might be the reason, but the reality is neither you can delete your Cash App activity nor make any kind of changes in the past payment details. However, the pending payments on Cash App are some exceptional cases. If you think your last transaction has not completed, you can go to the activity tab and cancel it right away rather than waiting for an indefinite time. For more information, read the last section, if you have not already. As you can't delete your Cash App payments, you might be interested to know the alternative method. And the alternative method is to delete your Cash App account and create a brand new account.

Final Thoughts

To conclude the topic, in short, just remember that you can't cancel a Cash App transaction which has gone successful already. But, pending transactions on Cash App are cancelable. Also, don't forget that deleting or making any kind of changes in your Cash App payments history is far from reality as of now. For more queries, you can get in touch with us.


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